Hypothermia is the condition of having a negatively low body temperature, often one that is dangerously low.

How to avoid hypothermia:

Avoid hypothermia by staying away from dehydration, extreme tiredness, cold winds, and wet clothes. 

  • Dress warmly and in layers.
  • Make sure that you’re keeping yourself warm.
  • Keep yourself away from wind, rain, and snow. Avoid these things by wearing clothes that avoid wind and moisture.
  • Eat a snack that gives you high energy and drink a lot of water.
  • Do not over use your energy.
  • Avoid frostbite.
  • Do not blow on your hands if it gets cold.

• Shivering is an early hint of hypothermia, shivering starts mildly, but it will get worse to the point you cannot control your body.
• Loss of sorting. It might start by you not figuring out how to tie your own shoelace and worse stumbling and falling to the ground.
• Confusion
• Apathy (Not taking care of your body).
• Foolish behavior.

  • Move somewhere there is a roof over yours head. Move fast because you might pass out any minute. If somebody else is having hypothermia carefully carry them to the shelter. 
  • Remove any wet clothes you have on . Replace them with dry and warm clothes.
  • If you are having hypothermia drink warm water not hot but warm. Only drink it if you are fully conscious. If you are extremely weak you might choke.
  • If you are strong enough and able, moderate exercise such as walking will help to generate heat.
  • Stay near a fire to keep you warm.
  • Heat up your neck, armpits and groins.
  • Wrap your selves around warm blankets or sleeping bags.

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