Hight - pop

Pop culture -« fail to meet the required standards to qualify as a high culture»

Hight culture -«difficult» culture - guarantees the exclusivity of its audience

  pop culture - mass production

hight - individual act of creation

committal success devalued a cultural item

Shakespeare is now seen as the epitome of hight culture, yet his works were popular culture for his contemporaries

facts and thought  about pop

 pop culture is haplessly commercial culture. mass produced foe mass consumption

culture consumed with brain-numbed passivity

mass culture was «invented» in US, NY

pop culture - collective dream word, «escape from our utopian selves» Richard Maltby

 if its the crime of pop culture that it has taken our dreams and packaged them and sold them back to us, is is also the achievement of pop culture that it has brought us more and more varied dreams that we could otherwise even have known. R.M.

 ideology machine which reproduces the dominant ideology 

 imposed on ‘the people’ above   of  the culture of the people?

the people vs power block

all culture is commercial 

urbanisation, industrialisation - Britain the first county to produce popular culture

before this Britain has common culture and elite culture 

industrialisation changed relationship between employees and employers

 residential separation of classes

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