UP ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITY - week 21 - 10/02/15

I've been really struggling with what to do after graduating from the Foundation Program in May. I had originally planned to find something in this program that I could pursue as a business for myself. Then I quickly learned that I have much to learn still. Recently I have been looking at jobs back home in Canada, but I felt a little disappointed in the thought of leaving London to go home to a mediocre job, probably not directly involved in product design.

I have grown to love London and the things I have experienced at CSM in the Foundation Course--developing as a designer, learning about different techniques and practitioners, and learning skills in the workshop--and I want to continue to grow as a designer so I can actually go after a career in this industry. Having not applied for any BA course, I felt this sense of sadness on my way to school today for the UP Engagement Activity because I really want to continue learning and developing.

With the help of my tutor Georgia, I have contacted UAL to see about handing in a late application for 3D Design at Camberwell. I selected that as my first choice, and CSM Product Design as my second, because I really love the diversity that Camberwell has to offer. I like that it is more focused on making and building (I am a very hands on learner) and I am very curious and excited to learn new things in the workshop. I hope that the 3D Design program at Camberwell will accept late applications as this depends on the amount of applicants at the actual deadline that I missed. This has been a huge learning lesson as well, because I should have just applied anyways despite my financial situation, so I could keep all these doors open for myself. I hope this late decision can actually work out because I really value the opportunity to stay in London and learn more about design at UAL.

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