In class I engaged in a group discussion. I was able to talk about my ideas so far relating to the project proposal and received feedback. I explained how I was interested to explore false portrayal in the media but at this stage I need to narrow down which part I wish to portray in my work. I described how I had read an article on Kate Winslet in The Sun, there was an image of her from a photo shoot, she looked beautiful and had her hair and make up done, then another recent image showing her without make up on a day off, the purpose was to try and convey how much editing had been done to the photo. This is just a minor example of false portrayal, I wish to explore bigger allegations in the art that I make. I am interested by the government and the hierarchy and misleading information that we are fed every day. I found this interesting how the same story can be fed to us over and over again that we finally believe it and that higher power can select what we read in newspapers to make us stereotype and be judgemental of certain people.

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