For the last project I feel like I want to push the boundaries of communication. I read an article online that explained how art without a strong concept was in other words pointless, that art should be used to say things that you can't say in the real world. That it should tackle aspects that people don't or wouldn't talk about, that the concepts should be challenging otherwise there is no need to make the art if your concept is something you can easily just talk about or tell people. This, I found really interesting, in the past I have tried to do this and tackle concepts that people wouldn't so freely discuss now or in the past. I think by reading this it has opened my mind to push ideas even more and confront more serious subjects. In my foundation course I have previously looked at the government and their involvement with drug laundering and giving guns to rebels. I've watched a few true films lately, one was about a reporter and how he was printing information in a newspaper on the government how they were involved with this kind of thing, what he printed was true, but the government didn't want to admit it to the world, they ended up making the reporter seem like a liar and made up stories about him, his life was also threatened. I thought I could think about this more and how the people in the world like to think we have 'free' speech, but we hypothetically don't. I know that for this unit I want to use mixed media, or play about with the materials I use to find the best purposes for them. I like working messily or with messy materials so I want it to look deranged.

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