BRIGHTON MUSEUM & ART GALLERY - week 20 - 02/02/15

I really love the way Modern furniture looks because of the simplistic nature of it. The materials are usually minimal, yet the designs always seem to make an impression on me because of the typical cleanliness. 

Having stumbled upon the Post War/60s section at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery I felt really excited to see some beautiful Organic Modernism furniture where design practices were surrounded the innovative design centred on Scandinavia and Italy. When thinking of my Unit 7 project, I knew I wanted to pick a theme where I would have the opportunity to research the design structures, practices, materials, and designers of Mid-Century Modern furniture that started in Scandinavia.

I love Scandinavian furniture because of the simplicity, simple colour schemes, and natural materials, and I felt like so far in the foundation program I haven't given myself the opportunity to experiment with furniture design...until now. Because I have focused on household decor products in the past, I really hope to come up with some great furniture design concepts for my initial ideas so I can explore this side of product design.

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