V&A - week 20 - 08/02/15

My first trip to the V&A was a little overwhelming because I found some of the areas--like the Ceramics section on the top floor--to be amazing, but very very crowded. To be honest, I felt embarrassed that I had never been before and I really wanted to start this new project off on an ambitious foot.

I had researched that the V&A has a Furniture gallery, as I was really hoping to see if there were any Scandinavian pieces of furniture on display. Unfortunately, the gallery was closed for maintenance which was disappointing, but I hope to revisit again soon.

Although the V&A has a lot of art to offer, I felt rushed going from place to place because I knew there was so much to see. When visiting larger museums like this, I hope to work on being more patient and aware of my surroundings. I can understand why areas like ceramics may seen crowded because there is so much to see and only a certain amount of space. But for me, it almost made me more nervous to rush through quicker because I did feel overwhelmed.

Next time I really hope to feel less stressed about time, and enjoy the museum at a slower pace. I hope that I am able to soak in a little more once the Furniture gallery is reopened.

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