PICKING A THEME - week 20 - 01/02/15

I want to look at the history of Scandinavian style design, which is hugely influenced on nature and weather, and produce a line of timeless domestic products where functionality meets aesthetics.

Because Scandinavian winter's are known to be cold and long with few hours of sunlight, the true essence of Scandinavian design incorporates brightness, light, and practicalness. 

Within the theme of Scandinavian Nature, I want to look further than researching Scandinavian product and furniture designers, and how their designs are influenced by Scandinavian nature. Area's that I will research will be based on the geographical characteristics of the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. I will look at the history of Scandinavian architecture, characteristics of the materials used in this genre of design (wood, clay, leather, metal, fur, linen, wool, granite), traditions and celebrations (Midsummer's Eve), production practices, climate, folklore, animals, greenery, forests, and flowers.

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