The project’s conception stretches back to the sudden death of Song Dong’s father which drove Xiangyuan into a relentless state of depression and grief; this mourning and sense of immense loss, combined with a childhood set against the backdrop of a cultural revolution, political and social turmoil and natural disasters, Song Dong’s mother began to take the Chinese philosophy of “Wu Jin Qi Yong” (Waste Not), to an impressive extreme. However, “Wu Jin Qi Yong” was not only a way of life specific to Song Dong’s mother; it was a common survival tactic for a whole generation of Chinese, a generation bound by a fear of shortage. 

This installation reminds me of the constantly changing life of a human. All those everyday objects like tooth paste tubes shows that time is passing by. Moreover it communicates the idea of poverty and struggling not only Chinese people from artist childhood but of people around the world nowadays too.


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