Cornelia Parker



Thirty Pieces of Silver 

+ Over a thousand silver items crushed through a steam roller 
+ Items include cigarette casing, spoons, teapots 
+ Underlying theme of Christianity and Judas' betrayal to Jesus for thirty pieces of silver 
+ Interesting way of collecting items and then modifying the items so that they fit together in an order


Cold Dark Matter

+ Made of wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, paper, textile and wire. 
+ First inspired by cartoon deaths - falling off a cliff etc
+ Blew up her garden shed and collected the pieces
+ Re-suspending them in the air allows for some form of re-animation

"'an exploded view' is the kind of diagram you get in technical manuals to describe how a car works or a bike or a lawnmower, a very pragmatic laying out of stuff. And so that's what I was trying to do, to organise something tat was totally beyond our control and emotional control." - Cornelia Parker


Rough Sea

+ Removed liners from J.M.W. Turner's paintings and re-organized
+ Taking something that is overlooked and re-ordering them to resemble something of worth 
+ Order and presentation gives something worth 

"The liners act as 'physical stand-ins' or metaphors for 'removal', their deteriorated state an eerie reminder of the vulnerability of works of art and the threat of physical loss."


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