Notes from The Works of William Hogarth


'British Burgundy (Beer), refreshes the weary, exhilarates the faint, and cheers the depressed, an infernal compound of juniper and fiery spirits debases the mind, destroys the constitution, and brings its thirsty votaries to an untimely grave.'

Beer Street:

'Two fish women, furnished with a flagon of the same liquor, are chanting a song of Mr. Lockman's on the British Herring Fishery. A porter, having put a load of waste paper on the ground, is eagerly quaffing this best of barley wine.'

Gin Lane:

'nauseous contrast, which displays human nature in its most degraded and disgusting state.  Having bartered away his waistcoat, shirt, and stockings, and drank until he is in a state of total insensibility; pale, wan, and emaciated, he is a perfect skeleton.  A few steps higher is a debased counterpart of Lazarus, taking snuff; thoroughly intoxicated, and negligent of the infant at her breast, it falls over the rail into an area, and dies, an innocent victim to the baneful vice if its depraved parent.'

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