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Finally I came up with the idea to record my 40 hours by every two hours drawing a self portrait, using a pocket mirror that I carried around with me.  However I restricted myself by only using the materials I had on hand or could source immediately. Therefore, In the end there would be a reflation of my day and what I was doing through the materials I used. Luckily I had planned to go to a football match in Reading, therefore I wasn't stuck at home. I found I could usually source a pen, whether from the corner shop lottery ballad area, or I asked to use the one at the bank front desk. However the materials I drew on showed what I was doing that moment, like when I was eating on the train, I used the brown paper bag packaging to draw on, or if I used old receipts I found in my purse, I also used the train ticket and match ticket, to draw on. I really enjoyed doing this task, as I completely restricted myself so that I had to be resourceful in what I could use. I think the final piece is interesting to look at but perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing as I could have made it with more time.

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