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When I received the brief for this project, it did spark an interest, however I had no initial thoughts about what I would do. I originally looked at artists like Sam Taylor Wood and her work, like the decaying fruit, or the video of David Beckham sleeping. And Andy Goldsworthy who created a sculpture out of ice and then let it melt. This made me think about things that I could create and then let it be destroyed in 40 hours, by weather, or my family. Or alternatively, create something and then every hour or so, add something so throughout the 40 hours it completely changes. I still didn't feel particularly inspired to do anything, until I looked into Richard Long. Then I began to think about how I could track and record my own journey. Initially I thought every hour or two, I would stop and do a quick sketch of whatever I was looking at that very moment. So in the end, you would get an abstracted series of drawings, often at strange angles, of my 40 hours. The piece belong 'a line made by walking' is possibly my favourite one of Richard Long's, the treaded path suggests repetitive movement, him walking up and down over again, however there is and emptiness and bleakness about the photo that I find chilling. Other thing I love about it is the fact that although it is a definite line, there is a temporary-ness about the piece that links to time.

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