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Although I loved the zine format, I actually found it very hard at the start of this project to think of a topic to create the zine about. The original path I went down was looking at the childhood/nursery-rhymes aspect of the exhibition. Perhaps because I had done it before and it as something that interested me, however the more I worked on it, I found my self uninspired. so I began again brainstorming ideas on my zine, by thinking about important themes in the exhibition. Then finally it came to me! the exhibition was called 'SCANDAL GOSSIP & OTHER STORIES'! I decided to explore why we are so obsessed with scandal and gossip. This exhibition shows that even since the 19th century, when Daumier was creating his work, the public has been fascinated by finding out shocking and scandalous stories. The fascination has grown immensely to this day, now we had hundreds of magazines being printed about shocking stories, particularly gossip about celebrities.

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