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How do people spend their free time?

People enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities in Britain.

A recent Euro stat survey, the EU's statistical office, discovered that people in Britain spend about 45% of their free time watching television, 24% of their free time socializing, 22-23% on sport and hobbies, and 10% on other activities. Other popular leisure activities are listening to the radio, listening to pre-recorded music, reading, DIY, gardening, eating out and going to the cinema.


The most common leisure activity in the UK is watching television. The average viewing time is 25 hours per person per week. Almost all households have at least one television set. In 1999, 13% of households had satellite television and 9% cable television. Many television programmes are about wildlife, animals, holidays, cooking and gardening. All these things are much cherished by British people.


People in Britain listen to an average 15 hours and 50 minutes of radio each week. 


The second most popular activity in Britain is visiting or entertaining friends or relations.


Britons made 123 million visits to the cinema in 1998 making it the most popular cultural activity in the UK.

Eating out

Eating out has grown in popularity, with British people spending in 1999 an average of £5.63 per person per week on food (excluding alcohol) outside the home.

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