1-100: MONDAY - week 1


This morning was wonderful with an itroduction to slip molding. Kathleen started off by giving us an overview of what was to come in the following days, what we need to get together for our tool kits to bring into the ceramics workshop, and a wonderful presentation on past students experiences during the 1-100 project that we are getting ready to work on.

I really enjoyed seeing other students past work, some gave me a sense of relief that made me think, "hey, I can totally make that," and others had me a little intimidated.It was really cool to see a particular students work. We were shown an example of their outcome for the 1-100 project, as well as their outcome for a project they did later on in the course. The outcomes were night and day, with an improved outcome for the second project. This made me feel a lot better and confident that whatever I produce for this project will just be the start of my potential.

Before coming to this course, the only art type classes I have ever taken was a hand-built pottery class, where I also got to play around on the throwing wheel. So compared to other projects, as far as my making skills go, I feel a little better about attempting this one because I do have some experience working with clay. But I do find it very interesting and challenging that we will also have to incorporate a second material like leather, cork, copper wire, wood, felt, or rope into our design.

I really liked how Kathleen demonstrated slip casting with us using a mold for a prototype of one of her products that is currently in batch production. This demonstration was very hands-on and I think it will be really useful when it comes our turn in the ceramics workshop.

Some other things I loved hearing about were how different ceramic materials have different properties. Kathleen explained to us that the clay we will be using will shrink up to 12%, so it's important to take this into account when you're building your mold, as you would need to build it 12% larger than you want your object to be in the end. 

Overall, I learned a lot today, and really appreciated the in-class demonstration because I have felt lost in the past when it comes to heading into the workshops and actually knowing how to create something.

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