1-100: TUESDAY - week 1


Another new tutor today. Simon, really got right into the project. He first had us brainstorm different objects we could make from ceramics and as a class we came up with lighting, furniture, dishes, and crockery.

We then jumped into the types of drawings we should be doing for one object, along with the layout and angles to draw. I found this extremely helpful, as I do not have much experience before this course with drawing. He layed it out for us and then drew all of the views in proper layout with a hammer as the example. This guide will be extremely helpful in the projects to come.

We split into two groups and my group was the first to start drawing our chosen moulds--with the actual measurements to be exact. I didn't have a hard time when it came to drawing the plan, front and side views, but when it came to drawing the 3D views, I had a very difficult time when it came to drawing my larger mould.I don't think I would have had to hard of a time if I was just drawing the shape, but because it had to be to scale I found it difficult to get the correct measurements without making it look distorted. It was till after the lunch break that I was actually able to sit down and do it properly.

After the break my group then swapped tasks with the other group and we were set out into the halls and cafeteria of the Kings Cross campus to sketch and photograph primary research. I was able to make observations, and decided to focus on creating an object for the cafeteria.

When we returned to class I was already behind on tracing and combining the two shapes of my moulds to create a new object together. I found this frusterating, because I was behind due to my struggles with drawing the 3D view of the larger object. Eventually I was able to grasp it and had a lot of fun combining the shapes of the two moulds on tracing paper.

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