1-100: THURSDAY - week 1


Today was our first day in the ceramics workshop and I couldn't have been more excited. This is the one area that I have worked with in the past, so I felt more confident about being in the workshop today. 

My group went with Kathleen to learn about mould making, and for the first time I really felt like we were given the opportunity to learn right from the tutors about the material infront of us. I have been struggling with not really knowing what to do in some of the workshops, so it was really refreshing to know how to make a mould in the event that I decide to do something with ceramics for my final project.

Because we spent a good chunk of the morning doing this, as well as a bit in the afternoon, I unfortunately was only able to make two final ceramic pieces. But this set me up to make a goal for Monday when we have another chance to work with ceramics in the workshop. I hope to create a total of 5 finished ceramics pieces by the end of Monday.

When the tutor came from Camberwell to talk about the program there I initally would have rather spent the time in the workshop, but was pleasantly surprise when he went into depth about the program.

Although I won't have the opportunity to carry on my studies in the UK after the foundation program, I'm really glad I heard about this program because it truely sounds amazing. I really like that the course seems to stay broad just like the foundation program, where students can design furniture, products, accessories, etc.

I think if I was staying in the UK, the variety of this program alone would entice me to apply for the program at Camberwell.

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