1-100: MONDAY - week 3


We were able to collect and look at our fired ceramic pieces today first thing. Although my pieces had visibly shrunk, they weren't any smaller than I expected which made me really happy. I had prepared some rope to add to my herb pot which enables it to hang, and was able to add this to my piece very quickly before the crit.

I really liked the exercise of adding specific coloured notes to our peers work with feedback on them. There was some really amazing pieces and ideas in the room. I was a little dissapointed when I only received one post-it note with feedback on it. The student questioned my choice of shape for my pot. After taking this into account, I still feel confident in the shape I choose because it is still unlike your typical cylindar shaped plant pot.

My favourite part of the day that I absorbed the most was the talks in the afternoon from industry professionals on their sustainable ideas and practices. It was a really great intro into our upcoming project Small Change. I feel really excited to be doing a project like this where we are challenged to recycle and upcycle already existing materials to give them a new life. I'm also excited about the fact that we will be given the opportunity to sell our made items in the college.

Tonight, I plan to look around my flat to see if there are any found objects that I can contribute to the one day Small Change Coat Hook challenge.

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