1-100: TUESDAY - week 3


The one day coat hook project was led by Nicole and Simon. I liked how we started off the day brain storming in groups because this really helped me understand the basics to approach a project like this. After looking at the Sustainable Approach, Simple Production, and Narrative, I had a clearer mind of the concept.

I ran off to the 99p store and found a child's pony toy that I really wanted to work with. With the help of Nicola I came up with an idea to create a giant unicorn horn that will hold the pony's head up, and pierce through the top of the head as an extension of its horn.

Never have I ever worked in the woods workshop so I asked for help and was able to create a horn and an armour like shaped back board to mount the horn onto. I believe that my design added value because it made it very playful and gave a second life to the children's pony toy. The design is very simple and can easily be batch produced.

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