1-100: THURSDAY - week 3


Because I missed two days last week, today my plan was to play catch up. I really hoped to focus on completing my A2 sheets that I had yet to start, but unfortunately ran out of time to do so. 

It was fun to visit the second hand store that Georgia took us to. I was able to find two small ceramic pots that I actually have two of at home already. They are very fancy yogurt jars, so I want to look at developing an idea out of these already beautiful ceramic jars.

After returning to the class I looked at expanding my research on different types of knots that I can use for adding the rope to my final design for 1-100. I had been looking at different ways to incorporate macrame design into my rope, which was also an idea that Kathleen suggested I look at.

I know I have a lot to do to catch up for this project and hope to do so over the Christmas break.

Some of my goals are to paint my ceramic piece white and add a beautiful detail of liquid gold leaf to the top edge of the piece. I also will find the proper rope when I am back in Canada for Christmas to fully assemble my final piece, as well as work on my A2 sheets that have yet to be completed.

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