CHILD: MONDAY - week 1


On my first day back after the Christmas break, I felt a little unprepared. I had spent some time over the break collecting my secondary rope material for the 1-100 project and had played around with some experiments. I had also done some research on sustainable product ideas for the Small Change project. But aside from those experiments and research, I was not prepared with these photos and information in my sketchbook. This made me feel anxious because I had not prepared any research or ideas for the new project, Child, or any materials to go into the workshop with for Small Change.

I really think I benefited from the first brainstorming activity in the morning because I felt completely unprepared to be starting this new Child project. Having looked at different categories and types of toys/objects that children on various ages use and engage with, gave me more clarity and confidence to approach this project.

I spent most of the day researching on Dezeen, as well as looking at Kathleen's Pinterest page for children's toys. There were many interesting and creative ideas, some new and some that brought me back to my childhood.

When it was my turn to meet with group 1 and Simon, I felt very nervous and knew I would be less prepared compared to my peers. My weakness at this point is coming up with an idea for Small Change, and it is something I will need to focus on in the upcoming weeks.

Simon and the group liked my idea for Child, which is a mobil made from colourful wooden blocks where the shapes can be removed to play with individually when the child comes of age. These same blocks can be transformed again by rearranging and hanging them on a rope that can be hung as fun decoration. Simon suggested that I look at the time line for how old children are when they stop using a mobile and are old enough to play with blocks. These specifics will definitely be looked into so I can communicate my idea better.

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