For the CHILD project, Nicola and Tom stressed the importance of the age, gender, environment, group vs. solo, educational, play vs. function, and safe and appealing material, for our designs. I hope to do some primary research at John Lewis, as they said they would be a great reference to look into for toys and child accessories.

I shared my initial ideas with Nicola and Tom and got some great feedback as I was feeling a tad lost and confused as to which direction to go in.

My first idea was to product spinning tops in the shape of fruits and vegetables. The other was to produce a baby mobile with hanging blocks that would come off when the child is old enough to play with them, then the blocks can be strung on a garland for decoration when they are too old to play with.

They both liked both ideas and recommended that I look at Fort Standard, Part + Parcel, and Hay designs for further research.

When I talked about my spinning top idea, and then focused on the idea of having different types of mushroom spinning tops that can be flipped over to form a mini mushroom patch, my peers and tutors seemed more excited about that idea over the mobile and block idea.

I still think I am leaning more towards the mobile and block idea because in this short amount of time, I really don’t feel confident in my making abilities to produce a final outcome that will be quality.

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