I pitched my two ideas for CHILD to Kathleen today to get her opinion because I still was feeling a little lost. She helped me a lot and made me think of evolving and developing the idea a little bit more. Her suggestions were using a different material rather than wood to make the blocks, and maybe they could start as a flat surface, then when the child is old enough they can fold the plastic material into a block shape themselves.

I really liked this idea because it makes the design more interactive and allows it to change over time, just like the child user.

When it came time to talk about Small Change, I felt even more unsure of the direction I was headed in. I have a few ceramic jars that are from yogurt pots, about 10 shark teeth pendants (possibly for jewellery?), and an idea to make quirky clocks clocks out of cork. Kathleen liked the clock idea and suggested that I look into making the numbers out of different found objects like paper clips, map pins, and thread.

I still feel lost, but will have to do some more research to find the right path.

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