HOME: MONDAY - week 1


 For the HOME project, my client Lucia has two main problems. First that she has a hard time with organisation and is often in a rush to get out the door because she cannot find her cell phone, head phones or keys. Another issue she has is while cooking, she lacks a proper utensil elevator to keep her cooking utensils off the counter surface while they are in use.

Today, I decided to focus on her issue of having somewhere to rest her cooking utensils. Typically she has three in use at a time, which include two wooden spoons and a larger plastic spoon. Currently she just rests them on food packaging in-between uses while she is cooking. Some of her specifications include having an object that is heavy enough not to knock over, easy to wash, as well as that the object doesn’t involve the bases of the spoons to touch each other.

Tonight I hope to do some research on what is out there in the market in the area of utensil rests, chopstick holders, and elevating kitchen utensils. I am really excited to get the ball rolling on this project and come up with a great solution to Lucia’s issue.

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