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I focused on developing my idea in class today, and came up with a direction for the design of the utensil rest for Lucia.

After looking over the research images that Lucia provided me with, I began researching different Islamic designs and patterns found in architecture. I selected four and came up with interlocking and picture forming designs.

I am really happy with this direction because I think it’ll add a night design quality to my project rather than just leaving it at being functional. To me an interlocking or nesting design would be great for my client because it is more compact and will take up less room. I was happy to hear that my client was excited about the designs and arrangements.

After trying out one of the shapes in the woods workshop I showed Lucia, and she was pleased. Because I had time to experiment today, I think it will be easy for me to go in to the workshop Thursday morning and produce the design items in a timely and productive fashion.

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