Today was my first day working on my Small Change project in the stitch workshop. I knew I needed a lot of help, and luckily I was able to get it. Before coming into to the workshop I only had one piece cut out of the coat, as I didn’t have proper scissors to cut fabric and didn’t want to have messy cutting for the other pieces. I did feel a little unprepared to be honest.

Thankfully the technician was extremely helpful. She showed me how to set up the sewing machine, spin a bobbin, thread the machine, and change the setting for different stitches.

I really struggled to sew because I wasn’t familiar with the speed of the machine, and had to keep taking the stitches out. I learned that before sewing and folds, it is best to press the fabric so the fold stays, which makes it easier to sew.

I hope that Friday will be a more productive day in the stitch workshop, and that I can complete the sewing aspects of all five bags for Small Change.

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