I was happy that the tutors went over the Video CV with us again. The examples that they gave us were all really exciting, fun and animated and I hope I can come up with something really great. Because I am not applying to a BA program, I really want it to highlight the work I have done so far in the foundation program, as well as the highlights of my personality, and the areas that I find my inspiration. I believe focusing on these areas will benefit me when showing this video to future enployers.

Now that I have my final design idea for the HOME project, and it has been approved by my client, working in the wood work shop was productive in finishing my final outcome. Before my tutorial with Lucia (my client) and Kathleen, I was able to produce multiple wooden utensil rests so I could present them and show the star-like shape they are meant to represent when not in use. This shape was inspired by the Turkish and North African foods that Lucia cooks, and the Islamic art that she loves. I feel really confident and proud of this project and design.

When meeting with Lucia and Kathleen, Lucia was very excited about the design and outcome so far. Together we came up with an idea to add on to what I had so far, by creating a base for the utensil rests to sit on when they are not in use. Lucia thought this would be a crucial element to make the design more practical for her, as she was worried about loosing the pieces when they are not in use. Kathleen suggested making the base have more than one option for how close and far apart the utensil rests would nest, to create an option of having different sized casserole dishes sit on them while hot.

I loved these suggestions and realized that having a home base for the utensil rests would add a more practical design element to the product. Thankfully I was able to produce a base design that both Lucia and I love by the end of the day.

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