Because I struggled so much in the beginning with my ideas being rejected for Small Change, I felt so confident today when I was able to show my tutors the progress of my reworked wool coat and leather belt handbags. Having only fully completed two at this point, I told them that I still needed to finish hand stitching the bottom of my third bag, as well as my design ideas to complete my final two bags made out of the sleeves of the coat, and that I will be going into the stitch workshop one last time on Wednesday. Now, I feel really excited to get back into the workshop as finish up my final two designs.

When it comes to putting together A2 sheets, I have felt much more comfortable and confident during this unit. I was able to start and finish my sheets today in class using Adobe InDesign. My process begins with creating a document the size of an A2 sheet, then building 3 inch rulers on the sides, and 2 inch rulers on the top and bottom of the sheet. I find it easy to lay out the photos in a visually interesting way in which they are easily communicated to the viewer. Laying them out in real size also makes it easier for sizing the photos appropriately. When I get home tonight I will print out the photos on A4 sheets and cut and paste them onto A4 sheet's in the same layout I created in InDesign.

Below I have created a Spec. + Brief. for the HOME project:


Living in a shared kitchen with limited personal space for food, tea's, utensils and tableware. Communal plates and bowls are mismatched and often limited, and tea's hang loose in personal cupboard which makes them hard to find. Need organization for cupboard, or a solution to sharing tableware with flatmates.


The product designed will be a utensil rest for Lucia to use while she is cooking. It is important that the design allows elevation for the utensils from the countertop so that the sauces and stew's that Lucia and her boyfriend cook do not dirty the surface of the counter and vice versa. On average there are three utensils in use while they cook--two wooden spoons and a larger plastic ladle. The utensil rest should be space efficient and easily assessable.

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