HOME: TUESDAY - week 2


Overall, I've really enjoyed the Home project. It was fun to work with a client and develop something for someone that they really love. Throughout the process I made sure to keep checking in with Lucia to have her approval on design ideas and elements. Lucia loves to cook and her biggest pet peeve is when she is currently using a utensil, has to put it down momentarily and has no where to put it--she doesn't like having the sauce covered spoon touch the surface of the counter. I was proud when my outcome was in fact the perfect solution for her, and that she was really excited about it. 

Creating a formalized brief/spec for this project really helped me to have a clear vision in mind of what the client wanted without going overboard. Once I was able to keep in my mind the key facts that would help me design a suitable product, I felt that the design process became a lot more fun and easy to develop and create.

For Lucia, I created a set of three utensil rests that elevate and prevent her three main cooking utensils from touching the surface of her counter while they are in use. When the utensil rests are not being used they are stored on top of a triangular shaped based designed to arrange the rests in a star-like pattern, or can be spread out further to serve as a hot dish stand. The purpose of the star-shaped patterned formation comes from interest of Turkish and North African dishes that Lucia cooks, as well as the Islamic art that she enjoys. 

I was really happy to get some feedback from my peers during this crib because for the last project I din't receive any sticky-notes. One of my peers suggested making the utensil rests double as bottle openers and I thought that was a genius idea.

The project that stood out to me most for good design practice was Ricardo's lighting project. The concept, design and final outcome was so so well done. I like that he was able to fix his clients problem of not having enough lighting in her room and combine it with her interest of bugs and nature.

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