Today was my last week in the stitch workshop to work on Small Change. And thankfully I achieved my goal of creating five hand bags by the end of the day today. I finished off my last two clutches using the two sleeves of the coat. I knew I wanted to have some sort of flap to be folded down at the opening of the clutch, and decided to go with a simple envelope design. The result was just what I wanted and I am happy with the way they look. Like my other bags I wanted to incorporate the belts in a functional way, so I made it that the envelope flap is secured under a strip of the belt. 

The technician at the stitch workshop was really a lifesaver. I don't have too much experience in sewing, probably the last time I used a sewing machine before this project was nearly ten years ago. She taught me different techniques for hand sewing as well as using the machine, and I look forward to trying some more sewing projects in the future. As frustrating as the sewing experience was for me, I can say I'm very happy to have learned some new skills!

My evening was spent focusing on preparing my Video CV. The experience wasn't so great, as I probably put off doing it for too long and felt really anxious and nervous while executing it. I met up with my classmates Grace and Taeheon in a seminar room in the KX Library, and we took turns filming each other. Initially I had written out a script, but felt that on camera it really wasn't coming across naturally at all. I really dislike the way my voice sounds on camera, so even when I attempted to re-do the video with an interview approach, I found my voice to be shaky, awkward and nervous sounding. 

My new plan is to focus on putting together some fun and more visually stimulating concepts for the Video CV over the weekend. I want the video to be more visual, so I can keep my speaking to a minimum. Plus my first two attempts were really boring, and I come from a background in video media, so I really feel confident in putting together something better that will show off who I am as a designer and person.

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