After three full days spent in the stitch studio, I can say that this day finally arriving was definitely a relief. Although in the end I was happy to have learnt a lot in the stitch workshop, it still was a bit of a painful process for me to spend so much time on the Small Change project when there were so many other projects going on at the same time.

I really enjoyed finally getting to see the work of my peers, as well as the other students in JFFA and Architecture. It was nice to see how everyone approached the project differently and that there was such diverse outcomes. I quickly purchased some candle stick holders from Marlen and Daniel before they were sold out. To me, both of their designs were so simple but insanely intriguing. 

Although I had a couple people approach me and compliment me for my craftsmanship (such a good feeling considering how long they took, and that two of my five bags were re-stitched more than once), I unfortunately didn't sell a thing.

Overall the experience was great. I loved reworking the wool coat and belts I found at the charity shop, giving them new life. Also I think some of my friends will be excited to get some homemade gifts from me in the near future..

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