Wow.. todays the first of February, interviews are going to be soon for BA courses, I will need to start thinking and preparing what I will talk about and discuss about my work in the interview. The up will be coming up soon for csm tutors said that you take one book, and I think one 3d work and an image of your work, so you show the best and its going to be a group interview, Im not sure what it will be like but I think I will be ok and I have good work that I can show. I have gone through all my books and double checked my portfolio, and Im very happy with what I've done and I now believe I have done everything I need to in order to pass the review tomorrow. Its very exciting. My reviews at 10:30 so I will have to get up early in order to get there and carry all the heavy work. I think we may be told a bit of information about unit 7 in the review which will be interesting if we do and interesting to know if we have any work set before unit 7 to do. I know that we have to write a project proposal for the last unit, it will be really exciting to choose my own project and subject area and ideas that I want to explore, and will be interesting to see all the ideas that other people will be exploring as well, and we will have longer to do the unit which will be really fun to develop our work even further than have been able to do so already and have our work shown in the final show of the year... thats really amazing.

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