Today I drew out on paper what things I wanted to be shown in my portfolio. Ive got card to back the photos on and I have a printer, for pictures that I will need to enlarge I can use a photocopier near where I live as its quite cheap to print. Ive only just found really useful websites that I didn't know about before, like Vimeo they have really cool video some quite arty on them and short films, I watched a few which where really interesting as the short films felt like they were more about having a concept than the focus being put on the storyline of the films which was really interesting as I haven't seen this type of thing a lot also I found, I-D which have really nice interesting photos on there which I looked at involving fashion and hair and makeup related articles also dazed and confused, f word magazine, uk complex, some of these websites I found really inspiring and some things good to draw inspiration from like the pictures and some of the information.

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