I've been catching up on a few aspects of work and getting everything finalised, before the review. I got an email to say my review was on wednesday. I think we then start unit 7 the week after which is quite quick. This will be exciting, after my review I will have to think of what medium and ideas I will want to look at as I have to write my own brief. At BTEC Art I wrote a brief for my last unit so I think I will already have a good understanding of what will be expected from me.  I have been looking through the images and work that I have done so far this unit, in my portfolio I think it will be interesting if I show closeups as well as the full picture, I like close ups of work as it shows the work in more detail, and does your work justice. I think its nice also to show the work from different angles how it looks at different perspectives and play around with lighting also. I've looked online and read through information about portfolios, I have a good understanding of what a Fine Art portfolio should look like but I couldn't seem to find a lot of information about a hair and makeup portfolio or an example of one which is a bit annoying but I will carry on trying to find one. I think I will show some images from my food unit and also I have good close ups which I can show. I liked the photos I took from Ordinary Extraordinary, also the last two units, I have work from my earlier units also. I think on a few pieces, it will be nice to show quite a few closeups.

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