Jan 19-25

This week was all about making. I made 7 lost items and used recycled materials wherever I could. You can see pictures from the making process on the 'Waste Off' page.

I found it was quite moving making these objects for people. I collected the stories of how they were lost and more details about what they looked like. It did feel like I was doing something positive for people, and put so much time in that I think that when I give these away it will be a loss for me in return.

Something was interesting too in how people responded. Most people said they would love to receive it, but one person said they probably wouldn't keep it. This was because I only was making a fake pearl earring, we'll see if that happens though. It's interesting the idea that it's really hard make something again perfectly. When you try as an ordinary person (I am not a machine or a trained craftsman).

There is also the idea that lost things become more valuable to a person after they are lost, and that the image in thier mind might be different from the actual thing. one person said they preferred the buttons on the new gloves which were different from the original.

This week I also went to the V and A museum to look at objects from the mid 18th Century. I found that they didn't have many every day ordinary peoples'  possessions, mainly upper class items.

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