This week we are going to be looking at making portfolios, we were told the minimum we had to have was 10 pieces, we have to use A1 card, scalpel and ruler to do it. Having made a portfolio suitable for university last year in my art course I feel I already have a good understanding of what I need to be doing. Applying for Fine Art and Also Hair and makeup I will have to come up with 2 styles of portfolios, and possibly show different sketchbooks. It's exciting that I will be going to university soon and starting my 3 year course, its inspiring that the work I'm doing now could possibly inspire projects for when I'm at university. I feel I have learnt a lot this year, and from other people and tutors like when we are in the crits. I've worked really hard for part 2 I feel part 1 has given me a better understanding of what is expected from me to do part 2. I've really enjoyed the experience and I'm proud of the work Ive done, Ive enjoyed researching the artists, and Ive discovered lots of cool work and artists that I didn't know about before. Ive discovered art websites which have been really beneficial towards drawing inspiration from in units.

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