I found one of my biggest inspirations was great expectations it is a peculiar story, and the old lady in it with the wedding food left on the table and the cobwebs all over the place and in the room even more peculiar. It has a funny old world kind of effect to it, it feels so refreshing and is hard to explain, I have enjoyed this unit and the making of the products and getting used to the materials, the technicians at archway are so helpful and its a really nice relaxing atmosphere to be in. Making my crown for baldies, my mirror for ugly people so they won't crack any important mirrors and the extra big luxurious lipstick for those with crusty lips. I could look at the idea from another unit further about exploring you can be anything you want idea. With the panda I could have it holding a spade, like the dwarfs in snow white. I can explore so many different ideas related which is really exciting.

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