Its really exciting, ucas I have received interviews, and also been given information about the progression scheme and that ill have to go to related events for it, and I think we will be looking at portfolios next week. I found the artists work by Dan Colen, which I really liked as it didn't make sense, like on a slab of rock there were the word, 'rama lama ding dong' which i love, its rhyme and catchy. I could take some of his ideas for inspiration, like the weirdness of the context that it is, I also liked his wall of randomly placed and overlapped chewing gum. I like his use of materials, and it feel original and well thought out. I liked the candy m&ms that was also very weird, and the fact that something tasty is just lying on the floor in the corner, someone could pick them up and eat them... but their not real of course they're about the size of a rock.I found images of it looked like a dish towel and it was covered in flowers and covered over the womens face, I love how it obstructs the face, changes its context and appearance and purpose. I also saw how men are dying their beards lately and there has been a craze for it, it reminded me of at christmas how they tied christmas tree ball balls onto their beard, its interesting as I think men have become more openable able to admit their interests in fashion. Also backstage at Givenchy how some of the faces remind me of food or lego and are obstructed. I could create my own mask like type of creations.

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