I used a face cut out as a template and drew round other things, which I thought was interesting, so the face could become something else like a body or a seaside, a spoon, a fan and so on I think this is really interesting and could be something cool to play on.My thoughts so far in this unit, is that the world isn't a free speech, you can't say what you want, you have to be very careful not to offend anyone, I find it interesting how men dress up in drag and get sex changes, and they feel happier and more comfortable with themselves, they say. But lots of people don't accept it, think they're weird, or a mad lunatic. Its weird how other non related things some immoral have become accepted by society. I looked at panto's like cinderella and how the ugly fat woman is weirdly always dressed by a man. In big mamma the old fat woman is played by a black man and in white chicks they're played by a black man, I watched a video a while ago how there was a black male actor saying that there was racism and they liked getting black men made fools of, like one time he was acting, they wanted him to were a dress, he said no he wouldn't and they came back the next minute with a complete changed play where he didn't have to wear a dress and he said it would take them longer than that to write a new play. I think a lot of people can take racism too seriously these days, but no one has ever been racist towards me so I can't speak for others, I think a lot of incidents happen related with it but people are too quick to shout racism or to play the victim in the situation.

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