I carried on doing more research and looking at artists, I did some drawings in my sketchbook which I really enjoyed doing. I found on google, things that men find supposedly proven by google that they find unattractive in a woman. One thing was excessive body hair, which I found quite humorous and could find a model and put like lots of bright coloured hair under her armpits and other parts, I found it weird how I read someones art was taken down because it displayed public hair, I thought this was weird as so many nudist art pieces are allowed in galleries but this particular one wasn't because it showed lower bodily hair. Which I don't think is necessary but still strange. I saw also Rick Owens men designs where there was a ‘knob-hole’ which someone called it on social network. I think its attention seeking and stupid, as the clothes weren't even attractive they were ugly dark brown and black tones. I also explored men with long hair, and how now people can wear unisex clothing.

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