I continued working in my sketchbook as it will be nice that I will have 2 weeks to work on these ideas to continue over the time allocated. I came up with further ideas. I thought I could do several different development ideas, one was using the body as a canvas using inspiration from art pieces that I have seen, and also makeup hair designs. Another was experimenting further with the foil as I liked this effect. I thought I could possibly combine the last unit where I explored beauty and then also the unit where I did the mouldy food exploring good and bad. Like food porn. I had an idea to further look at the ugly side to beauty, (hidden side, like bad effects to plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos etc.) so look at bad hair days, women hate having messy, wind swept hair, its annoying probably all of us or most share, hair in the shower wet and dripping, when shampooing hair and making different hairstyles(having fun in the shower, being childish), I thought I could play about with photoshop, and cut faces onto clothes like looking at different hairstyles, thinking of makeup to scare off others, or potential attackers, I think it will be interesting to explore outfits with the looks as well.

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