I did more research and work in my sketchbook, I found the work by John Galliano for Dior Couture in 2003 ‘Asia Major Collection’ I love his work, I’m so happy to discover it. In some of his designs they look very arty, the women look like they're wearing curtains, or rugs or wrapping paper, they look really heavy as though they are wearing him down. It made me think of the wire restraint object that charlie had to wear as a kid in the newer version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I really like the rough textures and the painted faces, it looks a bit dollish and weird, but very contemporary and cool, a bit different. I have rags, and bedsheets or duvet sheets at home that I can play about with and create looks with. It reminded me the style of the dresses of the ugly step sisters, how they thought they looked awesome but really looked very terrible. It reminded me also of a lampshade one of the or some kind of structure. and the use of the colour green in one of the images reminds me of a clump of grass pulled up from the ground and shoved on someone head to create a fashion statement.

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