I went into college and inspired by my previous unit got my toolbox from my locker and used what I had inside to start drawing an image, I had a that I found on google, when I searched about makeup throughout history. I found a Neferiti bust image on a woman with heavy eyeliner, from 3,300 years ago. This was really cool to see how much makeup was on this statue and that it had been given such thought. I drew from this image, using it as inspiration, I drew it inspired by patterns, and that I have noticed you see pattern everywhere even down to the contouring of the face with makeup. I read how with early makeup lots of random ingredients were used, like caster oil, balm, beeswax, olive oil and rosewater painted eyelids, honey, and so on. It was interesting to see what type of things they used as beauty products. Also this reminded me of what I looked at in the previous unit, how a while back, like in punk rebellion they used lots of random materials to make their hair look ‘good’. I looked at foil as a random material and I loved the texture of it and how easy it is to mould and make stuff with. In my sketchbook I did experience with the foil using is as hair and also as a statement garment. I thought it could be cool as a wig to to use as hair and wrap it round separate strands of hair, sort of similar of replicating the feel of the mohawk crown that I did. Like how punk was a rebellious period, as young people thinking they were invincible and can do whatever they want or dress however they want, their kings and queens of punk. Thinking of patterns I found an image of a telegraph pole, which was so interesting the way all the wires ran and linked over each other, some looked very messy also, I felt it was something that looked quite powerful, as it runs so high over yourself. It reminded me of in films how I’d watched people throwing their trainers over the lines like in ‘like mike’ or how in The Simpsons Homer climbs about on them and gets electrocuted. 


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