Ive looked at the brief on moodle and its going to be the last project that we do before review, its called pause rewind so will be nice to reflect back on previous ideas.  On moodle in the brief it speaks highly about reflection and realising the importance of critical evaluation. Its exciting that were going to have completed the second stage of the course and we will be starting the final stage of the course in where were going to be making stuff for a public display for the end of year which will be exciting. I have to choose a project that I've already looked at in Fine Art to continue developing concepts from them or using as inspiration to think of further ideas. I think I will look at the unit Ive just done relating to hair and makeup and then may use aspects of other units Ive done and incorporate them in or use them for inspiration. I'm going to look at the unit exchange again,  and then may look at aspects of ordinary/extraordinary and witness.  I can think about the materials I may use and what things Im going to do in my sketchbook.  I could explore metal again, or sculpture, casting, bookbinding, like we learnt previously in exchange. I could explore with moving images, or sound, or photoshop. Looking at 2 or 3 dimensional work, theres lots I can experiment with and do test pieces, showing the development of my ideas and experimenting with materials and possibilities and the processes I have done.


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