It has been a lot of work to make my outcome and I have challenged myself with the time I have been allocated.  I was really inspired by the work I discovered by John Chamberlain called mezzomangle its so random and reminds me of the mohican type of hair I have been looking at, it looks really contemporary and sort of reminds me of sci fi like stuff, the design and texture is really cool and I like the use of colour, and how it can suggest a time period in history or reflect several influences. I've really loved researching and finding out what amazing things you can do with hair and makeup which I never knew about. It has really opened my mind to something I initially never thought about exploring in art, and I'm really enjoying it and am amazed to see how creative it can be its been exciting this unit and Ive really enjoyed it. In this unit I used a variety of materials like paint, hair, wire, cloth material, and plaster. Its also going to be exciting next week starting a new unit and I will have to read the brief and take notes for ideas and start thinking about what I will do in my sketchbook.

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