I really found going to the saatchi gallery inspirational for this unit. I really liked the patterns, I think some of them were food, it was full of colour and pictured really well. One room was filled with cardboard and hanging pots and pans with string, I liked it because it was so weird and bizarre. Doing the research for this unit has been so invaluable and influenced my ideas, and how many things I've come up with Ive really wanted to develop the stuff I have done and really enjoyed using different materials for the first time like the workshops at archway and the sewing machine which I haven't got the opportunity to play with before, it was really exciting, and having the crits and listening to the tutors and discussions when people are trying to challenge each persons understanding. Having nearly finished my outcome and the unit this week, I am happy with what I have done and just need to make sure I execute it to the level I want and hope to achieve, I was thinking I may go to a forest to take the pictures that could be really fun.

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