I am enjoying making the ideas for this unit and drew out pictures, and structures in my book. I really like the thought of sleeping beauty and also the witch in it and makingĀ rapunzel prick her finger on the spinner. I think its a funny idea, and I want it to have a feeling or seriousness but also humour at the same time, my final idea outcome once I had made all of the products was to create my own kind of advertisement banner. For the mirror I thought it would be cool to make a rubbish one out of foil so it doesn't quite achieve the purpose it was made for. and have the poster and use it as an advertising prop and then have a rubbish selling stall with the products. I want it to look crooked and mistrusting, like in the princess and the frog the shadow man convinces them to buy stuff, and in snow white the witch tempts snow white to eat the apple, even though she looks really ugly and creepy, I think these ideas are interesting to elaborate on.

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