I did some work in my sketchbook. I drew an image of a womens face using collage, coloured pencils and fashion images, also drawing. I liked the rough effect that it gave. and using the oil pastilles it gave the page a smooth texture. For ideas I had were related to identity that is what I was thinking about, the altering of appearance, the face as art, or body as art. I thought of Picasso and people learning, women wanting to learn. I saw lots of videos on youtube looking at people, design and exploring makeup, looking at the classiness of people, pictures before and after a makeover and before and after running, sweaty and makeup. I was inspired by pattern, and that it can be anywhere when you look around and be drawing inspiration from simply anywhere. For ideas I thought of ugly people and people doing makeup when they look like a clown or just put it on really badly and then think they look awesome, and being vain. I thought how loads of people like to stare and be nosey and viewing others differently, and judging. I thought about the purposes of makeup and preening your hair, lots of guys get it in their head that women look a certain way just to please them which isn't always the case. I thought about desires like, jealousy, lust, giving and stealing. How beauty can be a gift or an exchange, like in the little mermaid, ariel swaps her voice for legs, and in sleeping beauty the fairy godmothers give the gift of beauty as well as other things. I thought of exchange as being like swapping, borrowing, exchanging ideas, tips, beauty tips, so like knowledge. I thought of in wizard of oz she has beauty potions and other various potions, as well as heads, so she can be beautiful in many different ways. So having like magic beauty potions, also beauty like in snow white with 'who is the fairest of them all dear mirror' blah blah kind of thing. It also made me think of how in Shrek, Shrek steals the potion to be handsome and for Fiona to be beautiful because he thought it was the only way they could be happily ever after together, I also love how Joan Rivers is in it giving her opinions on gowns and the way people look, its interesting how children are being fed all these ideas about beauty.

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