I have continued to work on my Crown of hair which is taking ages to complete and longer than I thought. I have lots of ideas, that I'm trying to do in the time frame that were given at foundation, its interesting and challenging, its very fast paced which is probably what helps to make it so exciting. After Making the iron form in the metal workshop, I used material around the base to make it softer but then I used blonde hair extensions that i had and used a glue gun to wrap it around the material and glue it down the glue also added an interesting effect the the crown. I didn't plan on at first thinking that I would cover the whole crown but I decided in the end that I would cover the crown completely in hair extensions, It was hard doing it on the mohawk section of the crown as I was trying to cover every section which was hard to hide the wire underneath, I had to backcomb the hair a lot which made the hair go a lot further. Im happy with how it looks it looks really magical and awesome.

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